Geofence area too large 😱

How do I make the geofence smaller? It is far too large and covers 9 streets, including my own. I use a wheelchair & it takes about 15 minutes to get from the outside of the geofence to my home. I would like it to be editable (I need to make it much smaller!!!) and only cover the area I choose it to cover.
I have just spoken with a very helpful lady at ring and she has escalated this to her immediate manager. She doesn’t know how to edit it either and she says this is the first time she’s come across this problem. I’ve been all over the Internet over the past couple of days and there are thousands of people having the same problem!
PLEASE can someone help?

Hi @Jeramina. The size of the Geofence perimeter cannot be adjusted, but you can reposition the Geofence at any time in the Ring app under Settings > Geofence> Tap to Edit on the map. You’re welcome to add your feedback to our Feature Request board, which we use to share new ideas with our teams here.

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