Geo-Fence needs the ability to disable recording

Geo-Fencing, is a feature I’ve suggested for a few years. I was very pleased when I saw it was finally an added feature. I keep checking back on the feature with application updates, although the feature still only allows for snoozing of alerts for certain periods of time. Please let me know if this is not the case and I’m missing something.

The ability to disable recording on selected cameras needs to be added when the user enters the fence. I currently use the “Home” and “Away” modes to manually disable cameras when I come and go. Geo-Fence needs to be able to select between the two modes, along with any other desirable action. For me Geo-Fencing is useless as it is now.

Hi @Mike55. This Community article here has lots of great information on how Geofencing works. Let me know if you have any additional questions are reviewing that article.

Thanks Tom,

I read the article. It doesn’t state anything more than what I mentioned initially. Geo-Fence simply sends a notification reminder to arm and disarm devices and pauses notifications for a selectable period of time. My suggestion is that it have the option to perform a function, such as disabling recording on certain cameras, or change modes, i.e., “Home/Away”.

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