Generation 2 Contact sensor tamper notice triggering false alarms

This morning around 3:30am we were startled awake when the alarm went off. I quickly disarmed it because it was so loud even though we didn’t know if someone was really breaking in or not. Upon checking my app it stated: “Back Door Tampered”. However, upon turning on all of the lights and checking the house and the sensor…all were intact. Door was still locked and closed. Frustrated and with a racing heart…we left the alarm disarmed. Later, at around 5:00 am I heard a beep so I looked at my phone and it showed “Garage Door Tampered”. It was still closed and locked. Had I re-armed the system to Home mode it would have went off again. I have 3 sensors that sporadically keep showing this message . Obviously, it’s not an issue when we are home and the system is not armed. But now I am hesitant to arm the system in either Home or Away mode because the high probability of a false alarm, not wanting to be startled in the middle of the night or having the police come if it’s in away mode. This is a 2nd generation system so I’m not sure if they are still working out the kinks. Would have preferred to email this quesiton to Ring but that was not an option. Can anyone help or is anyone else experiencing this? Thank you.

Hey @ring_user445. Thanks so much for reaching out to the Community for help on this! I would want to get this addressed as well, so I’m happy to help. When a Contact Sensor is showing as tampered, this means that it will have the cover slightly ajar. The best way to clear this tampered message is to take the cover off and then put it back on, ensuring that it is fully pressed down and locked into place. In the event that you have ensured the cover is still on but the device is still showing as tampered, please try removing the device from your Alarm Base Station, resetting the device, and then re-adding it. Once the device is re-added, ensure the tampered message does not appear or come back! Let me know if this helps. :slight_smile: