Gen2 door sensor issue

One of my door contact sensors went offline. I changed the batteries thinking that was it, but that didn’t work. I read the article on troubleshooting and attempted to do a factory reset and re-add the device. After trying this multiple times, the app still shows the “sensor needs a factory reset”, and it shows “state of sensor unknown”. That’s where I am in trying to re-add the sensor, with no luck. This is 3 years old and have never had this issue.

Hi @C0nfick3r. If you haven’t done so already, try bringing the Contact Sensor close to your Base Station when attempting these troubleshooting steps. It’s possible that the signal is not stable enough where the sensor is currently at. If that doesn’t help resolve this, you can reach out to our support team via one of the numbers here. Make sure you ask to speak with the Ring Alarm team.