Gen1 video door bell not working

I have read all the posts about video doorbells not working. Followed the reset advise and solutions offered and my devise still does not function.
All power is good. Wifi is good.
What I have not seen is any post saying anyone has successfully resolved the problems.
Has anyone actually been successful or just constant referral back to help desk?

Hi @user62786. Can you describe how your doorbell is “not working?” What specific issues are you having? If your power and WiFi are good, there must be another factor we are missing. What is the RSSI for the device?

I have exactly the same issues again Gen 1 doorbell 100% charged and showing online after full reset. Also showing connection to additional chime, but again no sound from chime for either bell pressed or motion. Both are set to default chimes. I also do not receive notifications to my mobile.
Has anyone solved this issue?
Regards, Pete.

Hi @user73761. If a reset has not helped your concern with your Doorbell chiming your Ring Chime, our support team can look into this further with you. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We also have this Help Center article with steps to try when notifications are not working on Android phones and this page for iOS phones.