Gen1 door contact sensor

I am having HUGE issue with a door contact sensor.
It will not connect to my network, every time it immediately flags up in the app that it has connected to the wrong network.
I have deleted the sensor using the app, followed the instructions to the letter, it makes no difference.
I have tried the reset option, remove battery, press tamper button while replacing battery. The led flashes once and that is it. I have held the tamper button in for a full two minutes but it makes no difference.
It is a new system, everything else in the kit installed without issue but this door sensor will not do anything,.
Is it faulty ?
Am i missing something in the process of resetting ?
By the way the instructions say to delete the item from within the app by going into the base station section and choosing the item from there. This cannot be done as the items are not listed in that section, it has to be done from the contact sensor section itself.
Any help is much appreciated as i’m tearing my hair out with this stupid item.

Hi @IJ1959. It sounds like you’ve covered all of the basic troubleshooting steps for your Contact Sensor, such as a reset and removing and adding the device back into the Ring App. Since this concern still persists, I’d recommend giving our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can take a deeper look at your account and Contact Sensor. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

The store i bought the kit from have replaced the sensor at no cost to me so now all is working.
However the original sensor still has not shown any signs of functioning. All the steps i take to resert it show that it has reset AND is on the correct network ( one quick flash as per a set of instructions ) but it still refuses to connect or work as intended.
I also think that, as customers spend so much on your alarm systems, we should be given advice and things to try via email or on this forum and NOT have to call a phone number at yet more expense to us.

@IJ1959 I’m glad to hear that the store you bought the Ring Alarm kit from was able to replace the Contact Sensor for you and it’s working correctly now. I understand not wanting to call our support team, however the Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum meant for basic troubleshooting assistance from other neighbors or members of our team. The troubleshooting steps you tried in your initial post are the ones I would have recommended. Any further troubleshooting requires a more in-depth look that we can’t provide on a public forum, which is where our support team is able to help further. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, but as the sensor has never worked correctly i can only assume that it was faulty from the factory.
The seller did replace the sensor with no quibbles.