Gen 1 stickup Cam replacement battery

Can I buy a replacement battery for my gen 1 stickup cam? b15169 battery.

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Same situation for me and my Gen 1 stickup Cam ! Saw how to replace but where to get a replacement battery.

It’s not user replaceable. But if you’re handy you could do it at your own risk. I searched and was able to find the part only on eBay. Which is not always a good place to get stuff. But if you want to, they have it.

Firstly, the battery is “user replaceable” if you can operate a phillips screwdriver. Secondly, the battery for the Gen 1 Stickup Camera is not available on Ebay.


It’s not made to be user replaceable. If it was they’d sell the battery. Nice attitude! And it’s on eBay. Sorry I tried to help. Enjoy you dead cam…

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