Gen 1 Motion Detector triggered by pets but only at night

I have just installed a Gen 1 system and have 2 motion detectors installed. Both are set to medium detection for small pets, and located at correct height and in hallways.

During the day, our small cat can walk past the detectors without motion been detected and reported in the history. However at night, they frequently trigger a motion detection event.

I have tried a reset of the detectors, changing to low detection (for larger pets) and a change in detector location. Any other suggestions?

Hi @jrob119. Ring Alarm Motion Detectors utilize passive infrared (PIR) motion detection, so sources of heat are picked up as motion. If your cat tends to run and jump around more at night, that could be why the Motion Detector is being triggered. If there are air vents or other sources of heat in the Motion Detectors range of view, this could also be what is triggering the motion detection. We have some tips on placing Motion Detectors here that may help.