Gen 1 Doorbell battery draining fast

I just charged my battery (which is hardwired as well) 2 weeks ago and the battery is already down to 35%. I charged it and installed it in July and it lasted on that charge until 2 weeks ago (December 29th)! How can it be draining so fast all of the sudden? At one point last month, I increased how much it was capturing, but then I changed it back to the original settings when I seen the battery draining. That is when I charged the battery. Right now, it only captures maybe 2-4 recordings a day, where I used to get probably 10 or more a day and the battery lasted 6 months doing that.

I have the same issue as well, the cold weather takes a toll on the battery. I can’t go 2 weeks without having to charge it. The tech that I talked to said that there was no fix for this, the internal battery is weak in the cold weather. Something that I think Ring needs to work on. I am fairly dissapointed as well. Mine is also hard wired and wasn’t making any difference. You are going to have to monitor battery health and go from there.