Functionality request regarding motion zones.

It would be nice if you could make notifications depending on the zone movement is detected.

I have 2 zones of which i would like to receive a notification.

The third zone in which is a lot of moment i don’t need notifications. But i do want to record movement.

Also it would be nice if in the alert history the notifications would be labeled, zone 1, 2 or 3. That way you would only need to check the alerts of a specific zone so reducing the time to find the right clip.


Hi @mafo, this is some interesting feedback and I can see how this would be helpful. I will share this with the team to see if it is something that is possible. Is there a specifc Doorbell model you would like to see this on?

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This is the exact thing I need as well. I’d also like to see the ability to set schedules up to apply to specific zones and not just the entire camera’s motion settings.


Almost forgot that all my cameras (doorbell and Floodlight Cam) are powered and not battery so I am not concerned with power consumption. I know others with battery powered devices may have this concern.

I’d love this too. I mostly want notifications for zones close ot my door/porch but want to record where my car is too but I don’t need notifications for that zone. As it is now, if I want to record where my car is, I have to deal with getting notifications for every car or pedestrian that passes near it. If I could control the notifications, I could let the motion sensor trigger the recordings, so I have a recording of the next time someone decides to rifle through my glove box, but not have 60 notifications with just dog-walkers minding their own business.


I have the same request. Can we link the notification to specific motion zones. Basically start recording when the outer most zone is breached, but send notification if a closer zone is.

We’ve had several incidents in my neighborhood over the last month that having a wider zone to capture footage would have helped. Fortuntely these did not happen within my immediate yard, so the camera was never activated. I’d prefer to record a wider range incase we need to see the footage for a specific time, but only be notifed for a closer range.

Has Ring commented on this thread?

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Its great seeing the shared interest in this feature! We have certainly shared this with the team, as we do with all requests.

Feel free to share any and all feature requests you have in the Feature Request threads in each device board. We enjoy the feedback as well as sharing it with the team. :slight_smile:

I would absolutely love to see this as well. I only want to be notified when someone is right at my front porch but I want to start recording as soon as someone comes onto my propery. Seems like this feature would really fit with the whole aspect y’all are pushing of making video available to law enforcement. At the moment, I’ve not setup the larger motion zone because I really don’t want all the extra notifications. Ring Pro for me so no concerns about battery.

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I would also like this feature - as already mentioned, I would like an alarm if somone is in my driveway messing with my vehicle, but would also like to record cars in my alley without the audible alarm in case a neighbor or local police have issues.

This feature is almost a must really, I would love the ability to schedule different times for different zones. I want to see the road recordings but only at night incase there are odd ppl about, then in the evening I dont want all the doggy walkers triggering recordings but all the time I wanna see my porch. Knowing which zone is triggered is important too as part of the notification

Ring pleasesort this out…I have a door bell pro fyi