Full Screen Notifications on the iPad

I can’t seem to find a definitive recent answer on this.
I have Ring 5.42.0, iPadOS 14.7.1 on an 8th gen iPad. My Ring cameras are solar powered spotlight cams that I bought ages ago. I recently bought an iPad so I can monitor the notifications in full screen automatically when an alert pops up. I could’ve sworn that I saw this function in the past.

Is this functionality supported with my version hardware/software.

If not, what version of the ring software do I need to install on my iPad?

If this is not available, does anyone know how to set something like this up via tasker or IFTTT?

When does Ring.com plan on implementing this feature if not currently available and is it on their roadmap to implement this feature?

Hi @Butch3. The Ring app for our mobile devices does not have an “auto-open” for motion events. We do have Rich Notifications that provide a screenshot of what is at your camera, but this is not a video. If you have a compatible Amazon Echo Show, you can have it configured to automatically play the Live View.

We also recommended that you have the latest version of the Ring app installed. With Apple devices, you can setup automatic updates to ensure you are always up to date. I appreciate your feedback and I can share this with the team who works on the Ring website features. Thanks, neighbor!

What is the earliest compatible version of the Amazon Echo Show? How do I set up Ring for full screen notifications in the Amazon Echo Show?