Frying Transformer

Installed the Ring Wired and it would for about 2 minutes. Did some troubleshooting and determined the transformer was fried. Replaced the transformer and reinstalled the doorbell. And the new transformer fried within 5 minutes. Both times followed the instructions to a T. Call Ring support and sent them pictures of setup. They confirmed it was the right setup and said the doorbell was the problem and were sending me a new one. I need to buy another transformer but don’t want to fry this one again. I’ve seen reviews where the jumper cable is the issue and others where the screws that mount the doorbell to the house are too long and are touching the wires causing the transformer to fry. Any advice? Can I skip the jumper cable? Adjust the wires in the chime to only send power to the doorbell? Or is it the screws are just too long. I’ve spent 5 hours and $60 on transformers for something that should have taken no more than 10 minutes.

Hi @user4266. The jumper cable is required in the installation if you have an existing doorbell circuit in place. You can consult the wiring diagrams in our Help Center Article here to determine how to install your Doorbell Wired based on if you have a doorbell circuit or are wiring it directly to a transformer. For your safety, use only the short security screws under the faceplate. Using any other type of screw could damage the battery and create a potential fire hazard, such as what you’re experiencing with your transformer. You can also consult a qualified electrician to examine the wiring and make sure everything is in proper shape with the transformer to ensure a safe installation.