Dear Ring Team

I have invested in two stick up cams outside, two indoor cams as well as a doorbell several months ago. As you know, your cameras are extremely expensive compared to the rest of the market. There are much cheaper ones on the market that have better functionality as I will explain below, so whilst your hardware is better, the software is woefully falling behind.

Several months on and reading the comments on here, I feel there is no resolution to a number of problems that many have raised. There is lots of ‘yes we will do this’ but no actual action it seems. Something as simple as badge notifications was mentioned in late 2018 [and probably a long time before then] but still not actioned. Many people mention the continuous notifications that occur when we are in the house but no ability to disable the recording of these. Like others, I get 60-70 notifications per day and they are nearly all meaningless. It starts to make you ignore the app because 99% of the recordings are yourself and your family just moving around the house. Despite adjusting all the settings and reduce them, I still get a notification for every car that goes by our house. I have reduced the zones to the minimum and settings to the minimum but they still occur. So what would be useful notifications out the front of my house, I have to switch off. Please tell me the £700 I invested in your products is not wasted because at the moment I feel like going back to the £30 camera I got from Yiot that had much better software. Also, I work from home so can charge the cameras and monthly fee onto my tax return. You have no proper downloadable invoice and even the ‘receipt’ you say is there has no date on it, or your VAT number etc. Please can you explain how many people are working on your software and whether you have had staffing problems, investment problems, knowledge gaps, techinical issues etc. that have caused this slip in your software development. Have things changed since Amazon took over in March 2018. I had a doorbell before then and things seemed better then. Please help reassure me. Thank you.

Sorry to hear about this experience @Cath1509, and thank you for your efforts in seeking a solution with us! We are always working to improve and add to our features, application, and devices. Feedback like yours is very valuable, and we will be sure to share this with our teams.

In regards to motion detection, our devices are designed to offer numerous settings for fine tuning detection. As each environment varies, this can take some trial and error to perfect. Zones, sensitivity, and even mounting height and angle can determine detection in a specified area. Here is our help center article with tips on optimizing motion with battery devices, and another for powered devices. We’re here to help if you need any suggestions on fine tuning settings!

Feel free to also check out our Feature Request board, where you can make feature requests and even reinforcing an Idea that already exists with your support. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place.

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