Frustrated Troubleshooter

HELP PLEASE! My Floodlight Cam Wired Pro does not want to connect to my dual band EEO Mesh Wi-Fi System. The non-pro chime, ring doorbell and stick up camera devices were successfully installed.

In a nutshell, I’ve gone through 3 floodlight cam replacements. I have spent numerous hours in troubleshooting with my EERO tech reps, Ring tech reps and HelloTech (HT) technician (3rd party contractor recommended by Ring). None of the 3 provided floodlight cams want to connect to my Wi-Fi. We have paused one of the Wi-Fi bands, created a guest network, hot spot, etc. and no luck.

If any of you have experienced this unfortunate situation w/your EERO system and was able to fix it, I would appreciated your feedback. I am at a point to obtain a floodlight cam refund and go with the competition.