Frustrated.....cannot change exterior chime or volume

From what I’ve read on the net I was under the impression that if you change the chime on a Ring Chime it gets propagated to the exterior doorbells (in addition to the chosen volume setting).

I have two Video Door Bell 4 models and a Ring Chime in my kitchen. Even though I changed the kitchen chime to a DING DONG the exterior doorbells still use the classic Ring chime which is a) VERY LOUD and 2) VERY ANNOYING.

Secondly, how can I prevent an audible chime on my Android phone? It is also extremely loud and again the annoying classic Ring chime. I’d prefer to only have a vibration on my phone (and smartwatch).

Hi @njitgrad. The alert tone you choose for the Chime is only for the Chime. You can adjust the App Alert Tone for the Doorbell to change what plays from your phone whenever there is motion or someone rings the bell. In the Ring App, tap the menu in the top left > Devices > your Ring Doorbell > Device Settings > Notification Settings > App Alert Tone. You can also select General Settings from the Device Settings menu to adjust the volume of the ringer at the Doorbell itself. I hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile: