Frustrated and Just About Done with These Things

I am really tired of these things not working. These cameras are extremely unreliable. They just randomly stop working and need to be rebooted at different times. For security purposes, something that does not work reliably is just no good to anyone.

Ever since I have had these cameras which was this past Dec, they never EVER worked reliably. Constantly have to remove the battery/unplug for resetting. I have 3 cameras and one Peep Hole Camera. The peephole is the only one that I have never had to reset. The yard camera only twice, indoor one a few times, but the Front outside, every day. And this was a replacement to one that I have had similar problems with before until it completely died.

I cannot deal with this any longer I really can’t. I need these to actually work and do the job as intended. I know many of you are thinking “Why doesn’t he just do another exchange?”. We’ll it’s not that easy. While the support staff was nice enough, it takes much too long. First you get one support staff, do the whole reset thing which takes a lot of time, then when it’s still an issue go to the next support staff which has you reset a couple of times, and questions and so on. Then you have to do the return of the old one once the new one is received. And the issue with the front one now is it dies it once a day. So with a reset it works, and when they have me reset it of course it will work which means I will have to call back and do this all over again. I do not have the time for it. I work 16 hour days. I have no time for these games with a product that does not work correctly. And I NEED a camera system that works.

I wish Ring would just buy back all this. I have invested so much in a faulty product & system. I am just so frustrated right now. I forgot to pull the battery and solar panel plug and there was a car door checker coming around trying to break in. My car was locked so thankfully nothing was stolen but one of my neighbors was broken into. I would have likely had him on camera but no way for that to happen when a product does not work as intended.

I will try and contact Ring support tomorrow but they need to just send me a new camera and not play the whole “reset and re-setup game” with me, I have no time for that. They can have yet another faulty camera back. I can deal with my other ones only needing resets one a month or so, but not one every day that I have to remember to do. Absolutely rediculous.

Anyway I just needed to vent and for the hopes that Ring sees this post. Thanks and stay safe!

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I’m guessing the three cameras are the Stick up Camera? My experience has been similar to yours. Just check my thread on it if you haven’t yet.

I could have Ring give me a warranty replacement but I, like you do not want to deal with Ring support telling me what I already know and what I have already done.

Also I agree, Ring should just pull these cameras off of store shelves and offer either a different model camera or a full refund because of these problems.

Yep stick up cams. Your situation is very similar. The front one is getting worse now. Had to pull the battery last night for a reset, had to do it again this morning and again just now. I called support again and told them I need to do another replacement and of course they said to go through all of the steps which I refused. I told the lady that I do not have time for it and did the reset the other day anyway and if anything it’s now worse. She agreed to just send the replacement. Still have to go through set up again with the new one and return the other one but it’s better than nothing. We’ll see how it goes I guess. If it is not working again they will need to send me an upgraded one or spotlight version or just buy back this crap. I cannot keep doing this. If anything though, I can say they have nice support staff and I appreciate them helping me. Wish their products worked as well as their staff though.