Frosted lense

I seem to have a problem with frosting I’m in the middle Tennessee area not too far up north I don’t have it with two of my ring doorbells but one of them is an issue. I have two facing in the same direction same side of the house one crossover one does not this doesn’t seem to be a problem with ring however what is the purpose if I have to go out there at midnight and wipe off the camera it’s not very safe or secure anybody else have this issue and been able to resolve it

Hi @Beulahmay. I’m also located in Middle TN, so I know how cold it can get! First, I would check around the perimeter of the doorbell lens, to ensure that it is sealed properly. If there is moisture on the inside of the lens, it will need to be replaced. If this is just occurring on the outside of the lens, try using some Rain-X spray on the lens per the bottle instructions. I hope this information helps.

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