Front doorbell not working but is on my husband's phone

My husband set the doorbell up and some cameras a few years ago. Mostly all fine - we could see through all 3 cameras including the doorbell on both our phones.
However a couple of days ago, my phone got disconnected somehow from the front doorbell. I can see via the other two caneras though
My husband’s phone can still pick up all 3 cameras.
How can I get the front doorbell back on my phone?

Hi @Millie99. You’ll need to check that you are on the correct Location. You can do this be tapping the menu in the upper left corner of the Ring app Dashboard, then tapping your address. You’ll also want the owner of the Ring account to check and make sure they haven’t taken away your access by mistake. This is done in the Settings menu, under the Shared Access tab. Let me know if this helps.