Front door requires bypass if open

And I just thought the alarm system was faulty, as I do need to bypass one sensor when leaving home.
Please sort out this issue.

How can this still be an issue? Cant even be hard to fix, wtf?

Please fix this! Very annoying problem.

Kept scrolling in hopes to find there is a work around for this bizarre sequence of events to arm the system… Im sticking to my simplisafes at all my business locations due to this. PLEASE FIX THIS RING!!

Lol. 3 year anniversary.

I could not have said this better. I, too, switched from a different system in which you could set the away mode with the door open. As soon as the door is shut, the alarm system would activate that sensor and include it in the armed sensors.

This is a flaw that if I didn’t have the other system, I would not have known the bypass left the door unarmed. It only states to bypass sensors, not which ones, and there is no warning that the sensor will not be armed if bypassed.

It is ridiculous to expect the door to be closed to arm the system. If you are going out, the door would most likely be open.

Ring - if other systems can do it, so can you. Please fix this glitch.

Fix it please. I’m tired of arming the system and the climbing out the window to keep it armed. Totally useless system without this feature. The reason for a start delay is logic
Press arm
Start countdown
Shut doors
Then arm.

Why is that difficult!!!