Front door requires bypass if open

Thanks @AndyC1. I will test this. My belief has always been that the door contact sensor does not work at all if bypassed. You don’t hear the “ticking down” when you enter if it’s bypassed, as it’s not active. If you just stand by the door nothing will happen. If you trigger another sensor by walking into another room etc. the alarm will immediately sound. This means you can enter, forget you set the alarm as you have no warning and then set it off.

I could be wrong so will test your theory.

It’s still no good as I want the entry warning so I remember to disarm. I have grudgingly come to live with though (closing door then setting). Ring have added floodlight siren and now glass break sensors, so it does look like they are listening, it just takes a while.

WOW. It’s now 2 years since I first posted.

I would suggest everyone upvote these feature requests to get this feature in. I agree that the alarms I have owned in the past allow you to have the door open and arm the system and that door without a bypass.

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Simple solution don’t set your alarm until you are the last person going out the door.
Works in my household. Not having to worry about any doors needing a bypass.
Sometimes, we even forget to set the alarm, but since we use our phone apps its super easy to turn the alarm on after leaving the property.
Though an interesting feature, since there are easy alternatives, I won’t be voting for any of them.

Blimey - what a palava. Firstly not having read the instructions and just went live, backtracking and fault tracing to find my front door wasn’t armed, but bypassed is just an additional nonsense. Then to find it’s a topic of conversation running for years is ludicrous. Some Ring employee is going “mugs” for buying a half arsed system then dumping any request to fix in the trash can. Well I’m about to move house and won’t be considering this system on the basis of customer service

Yup - it’s just not intuitive. Why haven’t ring got a work round - beats me

@Marley_Ring please do something about this!

Just installed Ring and amazed this feature is not available. LIke others have said, it’s a simple software tweak and will make a valuable feature available to all users. Bizzare that Ring are not responding