Front door requires bypass if open

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve spent 15 minutes reading a thread from January 2020 to find still in July 2021 the most basic alarm feature isn’t available.

@Marley_Ring - can we have an explanation as to why this isn’t being acknowledged or addressed?

@Chelsea_Ring too

It has to be the easiest design feature to add into your app ever. Seriously - just installed the whole alarm system today to find I can’t have my door open to put my alarm on🤣 what on earth


I have just bought and installed my Ring system. Not to be able to set the alarm and walk out of the door, and then the system arms itself is a disgrace. If I knew this before I certainly would not have wasted my money. I may opt for a full refund under distance selling regs. @Marley_Ring

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You still bypassed the door, especially the garage door, so now your car, 4wheeler, boat and tools are gone.

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So much users who are asking for this function (me too) just add it as an option!!! I would not believe this is some legal issue as your smoke listeners are in the EU (please give us an update about this).

All security systems have there flaws, but this has made it really easy for the one’s who would like to enter. Just don’t trip a motion sensor or contact sensor, and your good to go to empty the whole place!

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Does anyone know if this problem has been fixed? I have received a few app updates on my phone (although not sure about firmware updates on the base station).

I see this as a security flaw in the system… and not an intelligent way for a modern alarm system to work. Do they not understand how people and families work and often the front/main door will be open while you are leaving and setting the alarm?

Can we get this fix please… it seems like a simple bit of programming and shouldn’t be all that hard.

I have just installed this system and now just found this flaw. Really annoying. It’s just not like any previous alarm systems I have used.
As we go out in dribs and drabs it’s always the last person arms the alarm and invariably the door is open at that point.

It’s a MAJOR security flaw in that if the warning is ignored, then the whole alarm is not set.

What is really really annoying, is that no one from Ring actually provides an explanation as to why it’s a good idea for existing behaviour, and why the new behaviour cannot be accommodated. It’s just the same old stock reply from Ring.

Come on Ring…explain yourselves.

I’m coming from Simplisafe (which I left for different reasons) and I’m puzzled as to why Ring doesn’t let us do this.

The way Simplisafe solves this is that they let you arm with any doors or open (and without entering a code, too) and will produce an audible warning if that’s the case. Then, as soon as you close the doors/windows, they too will become armed (and subsequent opening will trigger alarm, except within the exit delay period). While I prefer Ring in general, this is something I admit competition does better. To translate this to Ring vocabulary: Automatically bypass everything (with a warning) and then stop bypassing the moment as the sensor gets in closed status.

found this thread (new alarm install this week) when searching what the bypass message means… I cannot believe that despite this issue being reported for ages that nothing has been done by Ring. It is completely stupid to insist that the door is closed before arming the system. We have a 3 year old and leaving the house takes time… ‘use the app as a work around’, well yeah but what’s the point in the keypad then ? There is never a situation where we would be leaving via the front door (main exit point) and want that sensor by passed when arming the alarm.
Come on Ring this is a really simple option to add, there are loads of useless ones this is a real big issue for us, all my past alarm systems allowed us to arm the system with the door open, this is how we are used to doing it…

there also should be a seperate accessory to have a loud alarm elsewhere in the house, much like the range extender ( I dont want the base by the front door/hallway ( I want it out of the way)

Just installed Ring this week and finding the same problem straight away. Crazy that the app doesn’t even say on the dashboard that a sensor is bypassed.

This thread has been going on for ages as well so doesn’t look like a fix anytime soon. Really can’t understand why they would think this behaviour would be desirable.

What a nightmare this is!
Installed at the w.e coming from using a Yale alarm system as I thought I would upgrade due to age.
Everything’s great apart from this compete floor…entry door!! :door:
Why has this not been looked into by Ring the post is over a year old !!!

My other alarm was able to have the main door sensor open while setting the alarm,
Wouldn’t be to bad but My mrs has been pressing the tick and bypassing the front door for the last few days as didn’t realise.
It was only until today (day off work) I googled what kept popping up on my watch about it being bypassed.
Could of been robbed not a good look
Sort it out with a firmware update!
It’s as simple as writing a
Even my kid could probably do it for ya lol

I don’t understand why there is not an option that allows you to tick a box that states arm system when contact is open.

Frequently my wife will go to leave the house with the kids, set the alarm with the door shut, go out the front, shut the door, realise she has forgot something, come back in the house to get it leaving the kids on the doorstep but can’t re arm the system without shutting the front door first which isn’t ideal when your kids are still on the doorstep.

My old alarm did this, you could have every door and window open and still arm it.

I don’t see why this is such a difficult feature to add, especially as it seems a ton of people are requesting it.

At the moment I just tell her to leave the house and I re arm the alarm from the app once she’s left but that means she has to message me and ask me to do so, would be better if she could just arm the system with the front door open.

Bypassing the front door sensor is a rubbish workaround and having to buy another motion Sensor just to be able to set the alarm when the door is open is also rubbish. If ring can’t enable this feature maybe they can swap my contact sensor for a motion sensor to put in my entrance hall.

This’s absolutely needed!
I simply open the door, arm the system, close the door and leave.
the bypass should be ignored only for the exit delay of the main sensor.
in order to avoid false alarms, if a second main sensor was already open, the system may send a prompt saying “another main sensor is open, sound will alarm after bypass”.
this will cover the convenience of opening the door during arming and also avoid false alarms!

Hi McLovin,

Although you wil bypass the contact (main door) as I mentioned previously, the alarm overall is still active when in away mode. the only difference is you won’t hear the entry delay beeps which come from the keypad on opening the front door on returning home … but the entry time IS now counting down - and if the code to disarm isn’t entered in time, all sirens etc will go off i.e. and contrary to some comments on this thread, the alarm IS active whether the main door is bypassed or not.

I was and am terested in this thread and have tested this to assure myself our house is protected - as someone else mentioned, there will always be a need to bypass sensors and there’s just no way ring will know which one is assigned as the ‘front door’or garage or whatever we choose when installing it

+1 Fix this!

I’ve come from a Texecom Alarm system which was incredibly flexible but admittedly far too complex for a domestic alarm system. Now, having moved to Ring, I’m starting to think that I’ve ditched Einstein in favour of a drooling idi0t. Come on Ring this is basic stuff and needs to be addressed.

Some systems announce which door or window is open when initiating countdown mode. Those sensors remain unarmed until the sensor is closed and then they are armed.

This has to be a flaw. I understand part of the logic behind this bypass mechanism that you would like to leave a window open occasionally when the alarm is armed but we would never leave a door open! It surprised me a few times that when I opened the front door the system didn’t sound warning until I realised about this bypass feature.

What I would like to see:

  1. A toggle under contact sensor settings to allow us to enable/disable bypass for this particular sensor.
  2. A toggle to disable bypass completely, for those who don’t need this feature at all.
  3. A notification sound from the base station to announce the bypassed sensors. This would make new users aware of this bypass feature.

This is a major security flaw!

Has anyone had the issue where the door sensor has been set as the Front Door and an exit/entry delay has been set, the system has been armed (all be it that the door sensor iz bypassed as the door is usually open when we set the alarm) and the alarm successfully sets, but on return when we open the front door, the internal siren sounds until the alarm has been set to Disarmed??

Thanks @AndyC1. I will test this. My belief has always been that the door contact sensor does not work at all if bypassed. You don’t hear the “ticking down” when you enter if it’s bypassed, as it’s not active. If you just stand by the door nothing will happen. If you trigger another sensor by walking into another room etc. the alarm will immediately sound. This means you can enter, forget you set the alarm as you have no warning and then set it off.

I could be wrong so will test your theory.

It’s still no good as I want the entry warning so I remember to disarm. I have grudgingly come to live with though (closing door then setting). Ring have added floodlight siren and now glass break sensors, so it does look like they are listening, it just takes a while.

WOW. It’s now 2 years since I first posted.

I would suggest everyone upvote these feature requests to get this feature in. I agree that the alarms I have owned in the past allow you to have the door open and arm the system and that door without a bypass.

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Simple solution don’t set your alarm until you are the last person going out the door.
Works in my household. Not having to worry about any doors needing a bypass.
Sometimes, we even forget to set the alarm, but since we use our phone apps its super easy to turn the alarm on after leaving the property.
Though an interesting feature, since there are easy alternatives, I won’t be voting for any of them.