Friedland D3230

Does anybody know how I should be wiring this up with the bypass connector please for the wired Ring doorbell?
Do I need to disconnect wire 3, attach the bypass and link it to the connector above it (0)?
Thanks in advance.

You didn’t mention which doorbell, but these (or one of the links) might help. Wiring Diagrams for Ring Video Doorbell Setup – Ring Help

Hi @Sparch82. If you could please share which model of Ring Doorbell you’re installing, that would help other members of the Community assist you better as the installation instructions can vary from one model of Doorbell to another. For example, are you installing a Ring Video Doorbell Wired or a Ring Video Doorbell Pro? The name of your Doorbell should be on the original packaging and on the back of the device itself.

Hello. Sorry, it is the Ring video doorbell hardwired, model number 5AT3T5

@Sparch82 Do you mean the Video Doorbell Wired? I know other retailers may not have it listed with the model name in the website listing depending on where you purchased it from, so I want to make sure we’re both talking about the same Doorbell model based on the name of the device.

You can find wiring diagrams for the Video Doorbell Wired in our Help Center Article here. The jumper cable goes on your chime kit on the “Front” and “Trans” terminals, which indicate the front door and transformer respectively. Your chime kit should be labeled in a similar way. Alternatively, if there are only wires on two terminals, those two terminals are likely the front door and transformer. If you’re still unsure on the installation, I’d recommend consulting a qualified electrician.

Have managed to successfully re-wire and install the wired doorbell now.
Photo is attached:
Step 1: connected the supplied bypass wire into the connector,
Step 2: removed the wire on the chime from Position 3 and inserted into the other side of the bypass cable connector,
Step 3: connected the bypass wire onto position 1 of the existing chime.

Hope that helps anybody else struggling to bypass their existing wired doorbell chime.