“Fresh new update” (?)

What have you DONE with the Ring app? Version 5.41.0. Running on iOS 14.6. iPad and iPhone. Fresh? Bug fixes? Improvements? More like…slow, freezes and causes my devices to CRASH. Yes, crash. Pitiful.

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Hi there, @dunbarvic! The Ring app should not be crashing on your mobile device, especially if it is a newer model that is update to the latest IOS version. I recommend ensuring that there is not a vpn enabled, and trying wifi versus cellular data connection on your mobile device. Downloading the Rapid Ring app is a great way to test mobile device processing. The Rapid Ring app is designed to be lightweight compare to the main Ring app, and provide the quickest access to live view. If possible, and although you’ve already tried an Ipad and Iphone, try a 3rd mobile device if one is available. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: