Frequently having to reset base alarm (at least weekly)

Bear with me, I’m new to forums and not very tech savvy.

I got my Ring Alarm in December. My son set it up when he visited and also set up some outside cameras. I already had the Ring Doorbells on both back and front exterior doors and was familiar with the app. It was fine at first. One day I saw that my Ring App was telling me it was in back up mode and asking me to join a network. It could not see my own Wifi even though the base station is very close to my Wifi router. There is a booster for the Wifi and a Ring Extender on the other level too.

I called the telephone number and was talked through how to reset the base station using a toothpick into the hole on the base of the base station. That worked and it reconnected to my Wifi.

But it keeps happening. Often weekly, sometimes more often (this week happened on Monday and again on Wednesday or Thursday) sometimes although not often I get to a full 2 weeks without issue and then it happens again.

Sometimes I will be to my bed and remember to set the alarm, pick up my phone to switch from Disarmed to Home and I will see it. Then I have to get up, go to the main level, reset it, go back to bed.

I have called it in a couple times. Last Sunday was the most recent time and I spoke to an agent who then had me speak to a supervisor who then said he would get a technician to call me back but no one has. They do try and help when I speak to them but it’s hard on the phone as there seems to be a lag on their phone lines so they will say something, I’ll ask them to hold on a moment, I need to ask something related to that and they run on for a couple more sentences before they hear me asking them to slow down and then I miss everything they have said between me needing them to pause and them actually pausing.

I did question if it was my service provider. We had a big storm here in Nova Scotia a couple weeks back that knocked out power for more than 24 hours and since that the internet has been really slow. Even though this has been going on since before the storm and I have no issues with Streaming TV on the Smart TV, watching You Tube on the Smart TV, the Amazon Alexa’s and no problems with anything else, I did call my Internet Provider and get them to check the speed of service in case I had a weak signal. They remotely checked the speed and said nothing was showing as an issue but as a precaution they also sent out an engineer who checked all the connections, the service into the house and replaced the router even though it was only 2 years old.

I live alone and my sons bought me this alarm for Christmas with some outdoor cameras so I can get help if needed and so the house is protected if I go away for a weekend. But I don’t think it will be reliable if I’m not here to reset it manually every few days. And what if I need help but it’s on back up - will pressing the buttons in the app still summon emergency services ?

What else can I do? Thank you,

With your Ring Alarm Base Station being so close to your wifi router, I recommend connecting via Ethernet. Ethernet connection is more dependable and often quicker than WiFi.

You’ve done the right thing to work with our support team on this. The best next step is to check back in with them to see if there are other steps that can be covered. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Thank you for answering my question.

I’m about to Ring the support team again but checked back here to see if there were other ideas. Happened again last night. I’ve requested a new router from my internet provider even though what I have is not more than a couple years old. About to call the Ring Support number again now too.

I will try connected direct from base station to router as well.

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