frequent reboots needed for app to ring phone

My phone rings motion alerts for up to a day or so and then stops until I reboot the phone. Consistently. All other camera and app functions seem to keep working, it just stops notifying me. Rebooting the phone alone fixes it every time with no other intervention. I have a wired stick up security cam & android 9 over wifi. Any ideas out there about fixin’ this?

Hi @kaiman. What make and model of smartphone do you have? Additionally, I’d recommend checking out our Help Center Article on different troubleshooting steps for notification concerns on Android here. It may have some tips you haven’t tried yet that can help ensure the notifications are working properly. :slight_smile:

…I have a motorola moto-x4, a netgear nighthawk ac1900 router and arris sb6183 modem both recently rebooted with updated FW. No other issues with any of these devices. Same problem before and after FW update. Another user in the house is reporting the same problem with a google pixel XL & android 10…motion alerts are on, no snooze, shared users is off. Thanks for askin’.

Hi @kaiman. In addition to what Caitlyn recommend, I’d check this list here to see if you have any of the apps mentioned. Certain apps have been known to conflict with the Ring app. I hope this information helps!