Freeing up iPhone storage

So I would like to free up storage space on my iPhone. The iPhone or Apple is telling me that my storage is becoming too full. When I tap on the Ring APP, I can reach a message that has two options. One says “Offload App”, the other says “Delete App”. The description under Offload App says the following; “This will free up storage used by the app, but keep it’s documents and data. Reinstalling the app will place back your data if the app is still available in the APP STORE”.

It is a bit confusing. So does Offload App delete the App ? This is what the message says to my mind.

Hey @madman. Offloading the app will have it accessible via cloud storage, and therefore take the storage of the app off of the phone and put onto your iCloud storage. I recommend to not offload the app as this may affect your notifications and would have to have you re-download the app to use it. Rest assured that when it comes to the Ring app it should not take up too much space on your phone, and video storage is saved to your cloud storage you get with your paid subscription. Whenever I have the pop up for low storage, I have to go through my phone and delete old photos and videos that I do need and this helps free up a lot of storage for me, as this is the main source for most storage on the phone.

Your answer is completely off the mark.
When you use iPhone offload app it does not move it to cloud storage. It also does not remove the documents and data used It does not move that to cloud storage either. It deletes the installed program and in case you want to use it again you install it from the App Store It leaves the data in place, on the phone so that if you install again it should be ready as you left

Also “the ring app does not take up much space” Is not true. I have iPhone. I do not even own a ring device so there are no videos of mine stored on the phone or in the cloud. However the app takes about 200mb and is using another 1.26 gb of space for “data and documents”. That is actually quite a bit of space.

These are probably cached files or videos I see in the news feed from my neighborhood.

Please send feedback for the app to have a clear cache button.

Your answer about offload apps from iPhone was just incorrect. Please do. It mark it as accepted answer.

iOS users in order to clear that extra space you have to delete the app from the phone and the install it again and log in from scratch. This will clear the data storage used until Ring wakes up and joins every decent app from the last 30 years and gives you a delete / clear cache button.


Stumbled onto this thread because the Ring app takes up more than any app on my iPhone. I clear out my video cache daily once I don’t see anything creepy. How can I delete neighbor posts? Ring app taking up 2 GB! Looks like I can only hide them? I suspect that’s the culprit.