Forgot associated email address, can I look up email address from device ID?


I live in South Korea.

I setup my Ring doorbell to my parent’s house, and I helped him to link his email address to the Ring. It was okay for a while, but after its battery was worn out, my father didn’t care about it.

Lately, he lost his phone and got a new phone. The thing is he forgot what email address is linked to the Ring. I and he have tried almost every email addresses we know, but all of them are not associated with the Ring.

I think he used an email address that was made by a phone seller (I think the phone seller made that email address for my father to access Google Play Store), and there’s no way to come up with such email address.

I read some articles in this community, and there are similar cases as below.

Chelsea_Ring recommends to give a support team a call, so I tried to call United States support team, but it says I should wait like 45 minutes.
So I called Worldwide support team, but the agent kept saying, HE CAN’T HELP ME IF I DON’T KNOW CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS LINKED TO THE RING DOORBELL.

Should I tried to call United States support team again or abandon my ring doorbell?

Is there any way to communicate via email? It is more expensive to make an international phone call, wait for the agent and go through some authentication procedure than to buy a new ring doorbell.
This email address had been associated to my Ring doorbell which is currently owned by my father

Please help me and my father.

Thanks for your help.

Another similar case

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