Forcing us to have to have a browser and tab open to view Ring notifications is profoundly dumb

This is the most asinine decision ever. Because of my workflow, having to use and always have a whole browser and tab open JUST TO GET NOTIFICATIONS is beyond insanity. If the desktop app is really about to sunset tomorrow then I literally have to get rid of all my Ring hardware and switch to a normal brand. This is expensive and time consuming and I am NOT looking forward to doing it. WHY ARE YOU SUNSETTING WHAT WORKS FINE NOW?!?! STOP!!!


Yup same. I have been a user for almost 5 years now. Have 4 cameras and doorbell. I pay the yearly fee, and am paid up for the year. When it comes time to renew, I will be cancelling and moving to a new camera system. This is ridiculous. Every other camera brand I have allows desktop apps with notifications. Done with ring, the price I pay for the cameras and the service is not worth it, considering half the time they randomly don’t even connect.


I have to toss me in here too. I utilized the desktop app far more, during the day, than the iOS app. The web browser version requires me to authenticate. Whose really, really stupid idea was this anyway. Amazon/Ring can’t afford to keep the desktop app up to date? Please!

This only makes sense if Amazon is ditching Ring for an Amazon branded security cameras. Anger the user base and maybe we will switch to Echo branded security cams.

This is NOT an example of listening to the customer.

Yes, I - along with most other users - was totally opposed to the loss of the desktop app when it was announced. The time is now upon us.

I discovered something very interesting yesterday. Reolink now have an ONVIF PoE doorbell camera with chimes. It’s the panacea of doorbell cameras in those respects. And it doesn’t cost a lot, either. Yay.

ONVIF means I can connect it to my NAS instead of a temperamental ‘cloud’, which frequently records 30 seconds of… well, just black, so I don’t know who visited. Or - like yesterday - the Ring decides to drop off the network, so I missed an important delivery of frozen food.

I’m sick and tired of making do, and the loss of the app is the final straw.

Oh, yes. The Reolink has an app client for Windows.

It’s due in the next couple of days. My Ring is going in the dustbin, along with the cancelled premium subscription.