Forced Two Factor Authentication? REALLY?

Now you’re FORCING us to use Two Factor Authentication? Screw this. No one forces me to do anything. When my year is up I am throwing this doorbell, and all the apps, in the trash.

I told my bank the same thing and changed banks, so a stupid doorbell stands no chance.

I agree with this! You should NOT be forcing us to use Two Factor Authentication!!!

I’m fine with 2 factor ID on the apps when logging in with a strange device however every time I login to the forum from my computer it tells me to check my email for a code, but the email doesn’t have a code, it tells me to go to the app and generate a code. Seriously, what a pain.

At the very least, give us a token 2 factor authentication option (through an app like Authy)! Or do what Google apps do which is a log-in prompt and notification, rather than having to go to the Control Center to generate it ourselves. SMS 2FA is notoriously insecure because of things like SIM swap attacks, and Ring isn’t even sending me verification codes by email anymore.