Forced Motion Verification


I noticed about 2 weeks ago that my battery powered cameras received an update to enable advanced motion detection zones. Around that time I also noticed my cameras were no longer recording for the 2 minute duration I set. Instead they were only recording when they detected motion.

This has moments such as;

Car goes on to my drive (8 seconds)

No recording (30 seconds)

Someone appears at my door (new video)

Previously this initial motion detection would record for 2 minutes regardless of when motion was stopped. There was previously a motion verification which is now gone. I’ve noticed this on my doorbell 3 plus & spotlight cam.

Please advise how I can get this option back.


Another thread here with the same.

EDIT: Seems we need to disable advanced motion zones to keep the 120 seconds recording.

Hello, @F1N1. The updated motion detection feature that gives you the ability to create customizable motion zones has the Motion Verification feature include into it. So you now have Motion Verification with Customizable Motion zones. These features were combined to give you a more precise motion detection experience on your battery devices. This is why you are no longer seeing Motion Verification as a separate feature in your app. Thank you for this feedback, I will share it with the team. :slight_smile:

Hi @Marley_Ring,
Is there any update on this? I’m still getting moments where some events aren’t being recorded due this forced motion verification. I know I can go back to basic motion zones but I’d rather have the custom ones.