For use in the Philippines

Hello. We have our home in California filled with Ring cameras, doorbells, and floodlights. We want to put Ring cameras in our home in Cavite City, Philippines. Is there anything that we need to know in order to have Indoor Cams set-up that we could view from our Ring app?

These cameras are 100-240v already and the receptacles in the Philippines are our Type A in the US. Our internet in the Philippines d/l is 359 mbps, 357 u/l, 11 ms ping on fiber.

Hi @RikkiJay. Ring is not supported in the Philippines. Here at Ring, we try our best to make sure that we can provide services to different parts of the world. This page here contains all of the regions we currently support. If your country is not on that list, Ring services like the Ring Protect Plan and other features may not be available in your region. Be sure to check in the future to see in your region is supported.

I have ring cameras installed outside and inside of my property in the philippines. It works. You need to be onsite to set up or your phone must be there during setup. Works great with pldt fiber optic and netgear router.

Keep note, you pay ring subscription for that location.

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Hi Rey! Do you have the Alarm system set-up as well or just the cameras/doorbell? I was planning on sending my kids the Ring Alarm & Camera System in PH but unsure if it’ll work. I understand the professional subscription may not work there but will self monitoring work there? Only if you know.

Thank you!