For the Love of God Fix This! Cant set up device: can't get past VPN is Off

A LOT of people have this same issue
I can’t get past the “VPN is Off” prompt when trying to reconnect my doorbell.

  • I have an Android phone with NO VPN.
  • Phone, app, and Ring devices are up to date.
  • Yes, I have checked the list of Android apps that cause conflicts with Ring. I searched my phone for each and every one by name. None are installed. I manually did a force stop on anything that might be similar. No luck.

Maybe it’s time to ditch Ring completely?

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Hi @user_0909. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the error message you’re receiving? If you don’t have a VPN on your phone, there shouldn’t be anything preventing you from accessing the Ring app.

Same issue. No VPN but the button doesn’t progress to the next step.

Hi @Laingm2. Is the WiFi network your phone is connected to using a VPN?

I just went through this (BIG thanks to Ring Customer Support!) I found out that somehow my phone was using Duck Duck Go as a VPN. I had no idea. I followed the instructions to open settings and search for VPN (I’m using a Samsung S22 Ultra). Found it right away. As soon as I turned it off I could get past the VPN screen and now everything is back!

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