Footage unavailable

I have four spotlight cameras. One is saying footage is unavailable since midnight, but is still picking up motion events. However, I can’t see the actual events - I click on them, but nothing happens, nothing appears. Help!!

Hey @LexiPRO2863. Can you please share a screenshot of the error you’re seeing regarding footage being unavailable? Do you see this when you try to access any previous motion events or Live Views on the Event History log, or are you able to play those videos without issue? Once I have a bit more information, I can make some suggestions to try and resolve this. :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn! Thanks for your response. I’m getting the following error message in the attached image. Some of the footage that I could not access earlier is now available, but there’s more recent footage showing this same error message now, and the live feed isn’t working either. Both cams are still showing active connections to my WiFi.

Same issue with my Security cameras

I’ve been at the office all day and realized that footage on my cameras after ~0800 PDT are not playing correctly. Also, my cameras are setup to do snapshots every 30 seconds and I cannot scrub through any of those on all of my Ring cameras. It has to be a system bug.

Hey neighbors. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our processing infrastructure is running behind which is causing delays – we are working to resolve it ASAP. No data has been lost and the system should be caught up shortly. Be sure to check for updates here.