Footage unavailable between motions?

December 21st and still getting “this footage is not available” for snapshot capture by cameras all the time, every.time. Inconsistently with doorbell. You’ve known it was an issue for several months now. Why offer this if you can’t support it?

I am having problems with my ring saying footage is unavailable. This happened suddenly since 29th Dec 2020. I have reinstalled the app and removed the front door device and reinstalled. I cannot even get a live view anymore. I have had this less than a year as a gift from my dad. I am disappointed as there is no support or fix for this online.

Same issue here. Bought the ring doorbell 3 and I have patches where it says unavailable between motions. This has hindered the reason with it being bought as our tyres got slashed on the car 2 nights ago. Defeats the purpose of security.

Really disappointed as I’ve just bought a second battery so we can keep it on maximum at all times due to ■■■■■ neighbours and I was considering buying more security cameras but I may need to rethink and look at other available devices elsewhere.

Exactly same issue with me. That’s disappointing because with me also snapshots were working but footage isn’t available for small timeslots randomly.

Why are we all having such difficulty with such expensive products? I have the same problem. I have an indoor cam that does not give me past footage. It says footage not available.