Footage playback on iPhone app

Hi, very recently the playbook footage on my Ring app resizes the viewing screen to half of the viewable area.

I.e it’s gone from mostly full screen view to a tiny square within the viewing area, the whole clip plays but you need a magnifying glass to watch it

Apart from resetting the device is there anything that I’m missing, it has worked fine up until this started a couple of weeks ago?

Hi @user59609. Can you post a screenshot of what you are referring to? This will help me look into your concern.

Hi, I wont be publishing a screengrab of my driveway / vehicles on public forum, i am happy to email a support address with one, if there is one available?

@user59609. Thats understandable. I do not have an email to provide for you to send the picture too. Our support team will be more suitable for you to work with for your concern since you will be able to send a picture to them privately. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

I am having this same issue when I watch my video footage back on my ring app on my iPhone. But it does not happen when I watch it back on my android phone on the ring app.
This started out of the blue about one week ago. It is quite aggravating.

HI @Auntynae.nae. As Justin mentioned, a screen recording/screenshot of what you are seeing is needed to assist in effective troubleshooting.

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