Footage is missing in large time gaps…

I’ve noticed that our cameras run on an hourly to two hour basis. But there are times when a whole 8-10 hours is just missing. I know for sure the cams catch motion and feed like hourly, and sometimes it’ll skip maybe three hours or even a slight 30 min or so. But is it really possible that Ring isn’t catching a single thing for 8+ hours? Or is someone deleting footage intentionally?

Hi @user82169. As you know, Ring Cameras do not record continuously, only when motion is detected or the Live View is activated. You can also turn on the Snapshot Capture feature to have snapshot images taken at regular intervals, giving you an idea of what’s going on between actual motion events or Live Views.

If there is nothing in the Event History for 8 hours, it is very possible there was nothing happening in range of your Ring Cameras. The only person able to delete videos would be the owner of the device, which is whoever set the Ring device up under their account.