Flying insects setting off motion at night

This is ridiculous

This kept us up throughout the entire night for the past week. I am so disappointed


Did Ring respond? I cannot do this every night

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Hi neighbors. What I’ve done for my Ring Floodlight Cam is set up a Motion Schedule. This disables the Motion Alerts for a specific time period. The Floodlight Cam still records, I just don’t have my phone buzzing at all hours of the night. Information on how to do this can be found here. I hope this helps!

I’ve had to set up a motion schedule as well but it defeats the purpose of having the system if it does not alert me to the motion like it was intended to.

Ring needs a better solution.


I have a DVR wired cam system. Ring cams and even Wyze cams outside. They all see the motion no matter what you try. If they get close, they look big to the camera. Then you have spiders that love the Infrared light as well.
The only way to fix this is to turn off the night vision and use a light away from the camera to light the area or you could buy Infrared flood lights on amazon that will light up the area without a bright white light. And your camera can see as well. These 2 ways make the bugs and spiders avoid your cameras for the most part since the bugs don’t see the Infrared light and the spiders don’t use it as a trap and the cams shouldn’t see the bugs reflection.
This is just the way it is until winter when the problem goes away if you’re in an area that gets cold enough for bugs to go away until spring. Hope this helps.

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With or without the light, this is an issue with periodic cicadas. There are so many cicadas, all the time, and they are constantly setting off the motion sensor on the door that all we can do is disable it. I’m used to the occassional squirrel or deer that sets it off, but the cicadas are constant and for those that don’t live with periodic cicadas, the number of them is massive. Why isn’t this addressed?


I’m having the same problem with my Ring video doorbell camera and spotlight cameras. All night long. They are wired, so no battery, but is it possible to turn the night vision off? Why isn’t Ring addressing this problem?

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Do we know if the 2nd gen floodlights fix this problem?

They will never fix it and here is why…they don’t care. 16 people have voiced there concerns, not enough to care. I would be surprised if they even looked at this forum.
The only way they will do something is when they have to, when it becomes a liability on them.
We have had robberies in our area. My dogs lose their minds everytime the ring doorbell sound goes off. Because of this I have to turn it off at night when I go to bed; it is annoying enough when I’m awake. If someone came into my house, I would not know it. Maybe my dogs would do something? I don’t know, they are dumb as hell. Someone is going to have to get hurt before ring will do anything. Just my opinion. Overpriced junk.

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Same issue here with flood light camera picking up flying bugs even with light off. It basically is recording the entire night. So many false alarms, they fall to deaf ears now. You would think they would care about the waste of their cloud storage though with false recordings.

I have the same issue and the alarm went off 12 times last night. Moths,Spiders,Webs,Many others. I have a pond with valuable fish inside it that I need to protect. I have Bears and Cubs and other predators that I run off on a regular basis. The people setting will not work for the smaller hungry critters.
Sleepless in Brevard N.C.

switching from Nest to ring.

Nest NEVER alerted on insects.

It seems to be an issue with Ring

No improvements in 2 years since this thread was started?!

Hi neighbors. The camera recording insects at night is a matter of perspective and infrared lights reflection. When the IR lights reflect off of an insect and the insect is close to the camera, this triggers a recording because the size of the insect from the perspective of the camera, is “human sized”. A good way to mitigate this is to setup a Motion Schedule. Information on how to do this can be found here.

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No, that is a horrible solution! I have people only alerts set. Insects should not be detected as PEOPLE. My Nest Cameras have NEVER detected an insect as a person. Heck, I have been running Nest cams for so many years I can’t recall the last time an insect set off even a motion (non-people specific) alert. Ring, fix this! Every single one of my Ring outdoor cameras is sending people alerts EVERY night when an insect flies by. RING you can do better!!!

I also have an insect problem mostly moths 24 of them last might. I am going to look into Nest
to bad Ring, you won’t address this issue bad CS.

Multiple false alerts last night from my Ring cameras!! Insects and small tiny animals are not people. My Nest cams I setup next to the Ring cams had zero false alerts. Ring are you listening that you have big issues with your people detection? I wish Nest did not abandon their security system.

More false alerts every night the past week.

Please vote here for Ring to improve the people detection: