Floodlights turn on when I exit live view

Ok I’m new to ring and this is bugging me. At night when I go to live view my lights don’t turn on (that’s my setting) BUT, when I exit live view, they turn on. I don’t want my lights to turn on unless they sense motion or I select them on. Why does my lights turn on when exiting live view?

Hi @Pilotpm. Have you tried giving your device a soft reset? For this, you will have to get on top of your Floodlight Cam and hit the setup button for about 30 seconds. After this, it will reset itself and come back online. From there, give it some testing, and see if the lights continue to come on when you are exiting the Live View. If the setup button is too difficult to get to, and your device is currently online, you can try reaching out to our support team here to see if they can perform this reboot for you. Hope this helps!

I have the same issue: when I exit live view at night, the floodlights turn on. This is particularly annoying since I’m trying to troubleshoot the floodlights turning on and off on their own.

I am having exactly same problem. I just installed my Ring Floodlight Cam yesterday and I use the app on an Android phone. When I exit Live View (click X in corner or press home/back button) the floodlight turns on. The light would turn off after the preset time or I could set the slider to off manually.