Floodlights turn on in daylight

ring team, come on guys, this is ridiculous. Its 80 degrees outside and bright sun light and the lights come on, i have the light sensor setting to 0, same reaction, had set it to 5 exact same behavior. I just have flood lights no camera, wired. They are working just fine till few months ago. Why in the world would you want ur flood light come on during day time when there is motion?

Please provide a fix for this crappy bug!

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I have the same problem. Wired pro lights up during the day when motion is detected. If Ring ups their game it can probably be fixed with a firmware update but I’m not holding my breath.

I have the same issue with lights turning on during the day. I have wasted countless hours of my life “troubleshooting” with support. I finally was able to get Ring to issue a return after 5 sessions. 2 days after hooking up the new unit I noticed the same behavior occurring again. Clearly a firmware issue that isn’t being addressed.