Floodlights turn on in daylight

My floodlights turn on in daylight when motion is detected, despite it being stated in Help Center lights will only turn on in darkness.

Hey @AVSIII. Is this for the Floodlight Wired, Floodlight Battery, Floodlight Solar, of the Floodlight Camera? In addition, does this happen multiple times in the day, at certain times, or just once and has yet to happen again?

In the setting for your lights there is a Light schedule, may try adjusting it. You can set specify times or say dusk to dawn.

I have the wire floodlight cam. It happens starting about 5 PM (I live in the NE and it is light until 8:30 PM) and continues until it is dark. Yes it has happened again. It has been happening for several months and is very annoying, not to mention a waste of electricity.

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If I set them, they will stay on the entire time of the setting. I only want them to turn on when there is motion in darkness, not daylight.

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I have the same problem. Just had my system installed this week and the wired flood lights come on if they detect motion during the daylight.

On the app, you go to the Settings of that light, not the setting of the Group, and it has the light options to turn on/off the light sensor and adjust the light sensibility. If you turn off the light sensor, the light will can be turned on at daytime. If it turned off, the light can be turned on at dark and then you can adjust the light sensitivity.

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The manual “lights” control is the control that appears above the Motion Alerts toggle on your device’s main menu in the Ring app. Toggle this control to manually turn the floodlights on (blue) and off (white). Note: This control overrules any other setting or controls that are set with the Ring app.

I have the same exact problem and nothing anyone said will fix the issue. I’m super unhappy that I bought the expensive wired one if it will come on during the day. I only need it at night time! ?

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If you have more tan one flood light camera and you linked them go into linked devices tab. Once there click on the light that is linked to the camera that is turning on. Once there you can adjust the time period that the lights that are linked turn on. You have to adjust this as we progress through the seasons spring into summer for me in Ohio the turn on time will actually be 9pm because we are on the most western part of the eastern time zone. Of course in the fall it needs to be turned back to 5pm. Hope this helps.


Thanks, I totally forgot about this setting. It’d be nice if this would support setting it from dusk to dawn instead of just static times.

It seems to be a defect in my flood light. I have two others and they do not come on during daylight hours. If it is a defect please confirm so I can replace it. I have tried all suggested fixes and none work.

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I am having the same issue with my wired floodlight cam. I am on eastern time and it comes on with motion after 6pm. Did not notice this until the past week, after installing the a19 lightbulbs onto my system.

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Hi neighbors. This Help Center article here can help with scheduling your Smart Lights. We also have some great troubleshooting steps that you can find here. Together, these Help Center articles should help address your concerns.

If you find that you are still having issues with your floodlights, you can reach out to our support team for the next best steps. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

This is not a matter of scheduling smart lights. This is a problem with the firmware of the light. There is a dusk to dawn feature that is not working properly. Best i can tell is that this happens when the floodlight cam is associated with a light group. It does not happen with the floodlight cam on its own.

Hi @scubasteve20. If that is the case, this would be best resolved by our support team. I suggest opening up a support ticket so a support agent can examine your account and escalate this concern to the appropriate team, where it can then be diagnosed and a fix can be implemented.

This is exactly the problem. Had these over a year and they never did this. Noticed last few months. Must be a firmware or app update. So frustrating

i’m on the phone with the tech support right now. will keep you all updated

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I talked to 3 support people now, repeated my story twice, spent hours on the phone with them. no follow ups from them whatsoever. it’s obvious the device is defective - but they somehow needed to do investigation everytime i call them with the same conclusion - the device needs to be replaced lol… the problem is nobody is working on the replacement for me.

I have the battery powered ring floodlight and have exactly the same issue. Lights are turning on and off all day long, despite my light sensitivity turned all the way down. Super frustrating that Ring can’t fix this issue. Make the thing stay off during the day and work during the night.