Floodlights keep getting water in them - have replaced twice

I found this thread but it has been locked and I can’t find any more advice: Floodlight Camera - Floodlights filled with water

I contacted ring because my camera’s lens was getting foggy, they replaced with the Floodlight Cam Plus wired (V3). We didn’t have any crazy weather, but I noticed about 2 weeks later that both floodlights were filled with water and did not shut off and had algae growing in it. Ring replaced this camera, and it’s been about a month and this has happened again, but in just 1 of the lights this time. The floodlight camera is under the house’s overhang, and the original light was in this same place for about 3 years with no issues. This new version of the floodlight has come to me twice with this issue. What can I do? I don’t think it’s a placement issue since a floodlight has been in this exact spot prior to replacement. Is it the new version of the floodlight? Is there some flaw in the design or construction? I have to pay an electrician every time this thing needs to get removed/replaced so it’s getting pricey. I don’t know how to turn off the floodlight without an electrician coming out like the customer service responses suggested, and I’m worried there will be some sort of electrical damage or short as the light appears to stay on with the water in front of it.

Hi @Sarahhjaneyy. The Floodlight Cam is weather resistant so it can be installed outdoors. If water is getting into the lights, it may be an issue with the installation. Since the Community is a public forum, we can only advise to disconnect power to the Floodlight Cam, then contact our support team to review the damage to the device and determine a solution moving forward.

Power to the Floodlight Cam can be turned off at the breaker. If you’re unsure which breaker powers the circuit the Floodlight Cam is on, you could ask the electrician that installed the Floodlight Cam which one it is. Your local hardware store may also have tools available to determine this.