Floodlights keep disconnecting, every other device stays connected?

Hi Guys,

First time posting.

I’m starting to give up with the floodlight cams. They continuously loose internet connection for hours/days. Randomly reconnect other times i have to just walk away and wait…

Every other cam (doorbell, indoor cam, battery spotlight cam) never has an issue, the house (property) has full WiFi coverage, the garden, all the way to the end of the drive way, my phone connects, laptops connect everywhere, it’s just the floodlight cams that drop off!

Does anyone know a fix/have any ideas? do i need to setup a separate 2.4 network? Should i invest in more chime pro’s? Tired of it continuously dropping out when I’m out the home and all i can do is hope for the best…



Have you checked RSSI level under Device Health. That measures wifi strength rather than speed. I’ve found RSSI significantly impacts exactly what you’re describing and yes, Chime Pro or mesh network will dramatically improve RSSI. Report back if you like.

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