Floodlights Behave Erratic

I have the hardwired security camera. The one mounted monitoring my side yard. Goes crazy whenever we have some higher winds. Unfortunately that happens about 2-3 night per week in my development. The light will come on for about 30 seconds and then off for about 10 seconds then immediately back on. I have changed the motion settings and sensitivity all to no avail. Tonight its been windy the constant on and off of the light is annoying. Unfortunately my master bedroom is on that side, so get to enjoy the light show. I tried motion snooze for 4 hours at 0130 hours and it seemed to work for about an hour then the pattern returns. I have checked live view and I do not see what could be triggering the light. I’m so frustrated that I was close to powering down the unit. I also find it odd that if I toggle off the light button it’s as it has a mind of it own and will immediately toggle back to on. For information I’m using iOS with the latest version 5.22.4. Thanks for any assistance.

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I’m having similar issues. My floodlight cam worked fine for over a year but now goes off and on constantly, all night. Th lights go off for a few seconds then on for a while, and this repeats incessantly. Like yours, when I shut off the light using the toggle on the app, all I can do is watch it turn itself back on. There is NO reliable control from the app. This floodlight cam is in my backyard, so is my bedroom, and I have neighbors who resent the light show, all of which forces me to shut off the floodcam at the wall switch leaving the area unprotected. I have a house full of Ring investments and I’ve read of many similar cases: VERY DISAPPOINTING!

I have a similar problem with the Ring Floodlight Cam that is hard-wire mounted to the side of our house over the power gate at the driveway entrance to our backyard. Numerous times in the middle of the night I have awakened to see the floodlights on, only to turn off (as we have set it) within 30 seconds. These occurences do not ever appear in the History - what would cause the floodlights to turn on like this?

Similar problem. I have spoken 3 times at length to Ring on chat & they dont seem to know how to fix. Same advice each time which is doa factory reset. Very disappointed with the product

Hey neighbors! Just wanted to help clear up any confusion there may be on how the lights detection to come on/off differs from the motion detection to get a recording. You can check out our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on how the motion detection works on the Floodlight Cam, which will show you a diagram for the area covered by the lights’ PIR detection, and then the range for the motion detection for recordings is.

You’ll see that the range of area that the “light could come in” is a lot larger than the recording area, so you may see the lights randomly come on throughout the night or times when you don’t have a recording to back it up. Hope this helps! Any other further concerns about weird behavior, please address these with our support team here. :slight_smile:

Update: I changed the position of my wifi router (Xfinity) and wifi extenders and added two Ring Chime Pro’s - and haven’t had this issue since.

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