Floodlights and two phones not syncing

My floodlights won’t go off! I think our two phones wont sync. When I turn off the floodlight button, it auto matically pops ‘on’ on my husbands phone. When I turn the button off on his phone, then my flooslight button auto turns back on. Back and forth. The floodlight activation button will not stay thwe same on both phones. How to sync the two phones. We have done two hard resets, doesn’t fixit. We have turned off the motion as low as it can go but it still comes on and stays on.

Turning off your floodlight should be as easy as toggling the lights off in the Ring app. Please ensure there is not a VPN enabled on either mobile device. You can also schedule lights to turn on or off when you wish them to be.

Certain toggles and features of the Ring app are applied individually to the mobile device being used. For instance, if you were to enable the notifications toggle on one mobile device, the other would still need to adjust their own notifications. As for lights, if the Floodlight Camera is already turned on or activated, toggling lights or changing light settings can impact the Floodlight Camera itself, and differ on mobile devices being used.

Functionality on mobile devices can differ between Shared Users or two owner devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: