Floodlight zone versus Motion zone

I have just installed a Ring Floodlight at the front of my house, where I am on a semi-busy road.

I have defined the motion zone to cover the front yeard and road, and am happy to record all movement of vehicles on the road past my house.

However, I do NOT want the light to go on every time a car goes passed !
I only want the lights to go on if someone is in my front yard.
But there doesn’t appear to be a way to do this.

Am sure this was possible before…

I have reduced the ‘Motion Zones for Light’ to the minimum, and the ‘Light Sensitivity’ to the Minimum distance.
But this doesn’t seem to make any difference.
The lights still come on whenever there is any movement on the road.

What is the point of these ‘Motion Zones for Light’ and ‘Light Sensitivity’ if they don’t have any impact ? ? ?

Hi @user71255. The lights on your Floodlight Cam will also turn on when motion is detected on your Camera. If you do not want traffic to activate them, then you will have to change where your Camera detects motion.