Floodlight wont activate due to ambient light

There is a lamp post in the vicinity of my new floodlight cam and it appears that it is just enough light to make the camera think its daytime and so the lights will not activate when motion is detected. Other that covering up the light sensor on the camera (which would have the lights go on whenever there was motion, day or night) is there a solution to this? Thanks.

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You have discovered what I think is rather serious deficiency with Ring cameras. I have posted about this about the battery spotlight cam. Indeed, if there is any sort of light at night, the camera light will not go on despite having setting the camera to turn ON the light with motion at night. I believe anyone buying one of these cameras is fully expecting their spotlight or floodlight to come on at night with motion as these cameras are meant to improve security. A motion activated light is a proven burglar deterrent. Rings solution was to place my camera in a completely dark location which I think is an unsatisfactory solution. First of all, the light should be coming on regardless if there is a streetlight, or porchlight on, etc. AND secondly, you might not even have a reasonable dark spot to place the camera in where it will be completely devoid of light.

Folks, please join in me in upvoting my request to add this feature which, in my opinion, should have been there all along as a basic function! I will create a post in the Feature Request board shortly.


I would love to upvote your request…how do you do that?
In the interim, do you (or anyone) know where the sensor for the ambient light is so I can cover it up? thanks.