Floodlight with camera

Nothing will control the lights. As soon as I manually turn them off thru the app, the lights turn back on automatically. Only way to turn lights off is to shut off the power… nothing else works. I turn them off manually thru the app and 5 seconds later they turn themselves back on… and no motion is detected. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Rip. Do you have any active light schedules that are set up in the app that are preventing the lights from turning off? You can learn more about light schedules here. If the lights are always on no matter what, I recommend to power cycle the camera by turning off the associated light switch or circuit breaker for at least 10 seconds, then turning it back on. Wait for the start up cycle to complete and verify the device is online in your app. If the lights are still on, toggle the ‘Lights’ slider in the app to turn them off.

I have the exact same problem as Rip. Annoying as hell as the light stays on then flickers off and back on again. Manual override to turn the light off doesn’t even work. The lights would flicker back on and the app light will switch back to on by itself.

I don’t have active light schedule on. Any other suggestions Chelsea? Power cycle off will turn the lights off immediately but as soon as motion is detected…it goes back to flickering on/off.

Same issue here, just reinstalled my 2nd floodlight because Ring told me there was an issue with the first one and the second does the same thing. Only way to turn it off is to keep the live view on and turn the lights off through it. Other than that the toggle doesn’t work the light just keeps cycling through whatever time I set it to…

I ‘may’ have found the issue/solution to try… First, here was my situation… I had a ring doorbell already from a previous installation. I had Ring app on both my phone and wife’s phone but logged into the SAME RING account from both phones. So we had two phones logged into the same account. I then installed and set up flood light camera thru my phone. I then also shared the camera/floodlight with wife’s email and children’s email. Then I realized each phone should have its own ACCOUNT with Ring. So here is what I did and it seems to have resolved the problem. (I think the ring camera/floodlight was confused with both my phone and my wife’s phone logged into the same ring account)

  1. I unshared the device (ring camera/floodlight) with everyone in my family…including wife’s phone

  2. I then removed the ring app from my wife’s phone and then set up her own Ring ACCOUNT

  3. I then completely removed the camera/flood light from my phone

  4. I re-set up the camera/floodlight on my phone (had to do a reset by using the button on top of camera and go thru the set-up process on my phone).

  5. I left it unshared with anyone for 2-3 days so far to make sure it seems like i could fully and accurately contol the camera/floodlight from my phone. It seems as if the camera/floodlight is working properly now.

  6. I have not shared the device with any family members at this point but plan on doing this in the next day or so.

Hope this helps.


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I was thinking the same thing… that maybe the app on my wife’s phone was confusing the light… I’ll look into that tonight. Thanks