Floodlight volume needs to increase - false advertising

I’ve just set up my floodlight cam and the volume is nowhere near the advertised 110db. The wind is louder than the current offering. Please change the firmware to allow for a change in volume as advertised or I’ll have my money and installation costs refunded.

Hello Jabby,
I can certainly understand if something seems to be different that what what you expect.
Things are pretty much subjective to different people. Without knowing your technical background, I would like to offer an explanation of what a decibel is… It is a measurement of sound pressure at 1 meter emanating from a source with 1 watt of power applied.
Normal speaking is about 20-30 dB, a Rock concert is near 120 dB and Wind does have an affect on the sound quality and level.

Given these standards, I would think 110 dB would be more than adequate to scare off anything that hears the siren. I often use it to scare off deer eating my hosta plants. My neighbors located 50 yards away can hear it go off.

If you have the means to measure the sound output, please let me know.

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