Floodlight stopped working after a year

After using the floodlight camera for a year, it’s now completely broken. I have done all the best i can do, turning off power and turning it back on, press the button, press the button and hold for 20 seconds etc but the camera never enters the setup mode. The light is always on if it’s powered. Called Ring support and the only thing i can get is a coupon. I am always a big fan of Ring but now i start to get a bit disappointed. If it doesn’t stay for a year, why would I spend another hundred dollar just to purchase for a year of use? Looks like there are so many similar posts. Maybe this model has a designed flaw that can only stay for a year. Could anyone from Ring really help here?

Hey there, @starfishyu! It sounds like this device may have been out of warranty, in which there are times where our support team will go the extra distance to still get you a discount. Check out our Warranty page to see what is covered, as well as our Protect Plus (1st Gen) plan which can extend your warranty coverage if subscribed during the initial warranty period. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: