Floodlight stays on

Light stays on even during daylight tried resetting device no changes how can I fix?

I just bought 2 Ring floodlight cameras Pro. Installed without difficulty. Programed “Dusk to Dawn” lighting schedule. Lights came on but don’t go off. I can’t turn them off through App. Frustrating”

Hi neighbors. If the lights are not turning off on your Floodlight cam, try the following steps:

If you have tried these steps and your lights are not shutting off on your Camera, give our support team to further investigate.

My floodlights on the porch, and on the drive are on, however, the app says off. When I tried to select the off to turn them back on, the app, starts circling and never returns. Both units behave the same way. I tried rebooting both with the app and with a power reset checking the health of both units indicate everything is fine.

Our power was off for aeveral hours and when It came back on my wired in Ring floodlight will not turn off. I go to the setting and click to turn it off and it comes right back on.

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Hi @user40018. Thank you for sharing your experience with this concern.

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